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mosleyrs Thanksgiving 2010 2010-11-24 22:22:38 Edit or Delete
  Sticking to the same recipe from HERE.

I forgot to pull the bird out of the fridge when i left for work so I had Lori drop it into a water bath in the cooler.

Put together the brine recipe tonight. It takes forever to get the brine down to room temperature. In the future just add the extra quarts of water using ice.

We got a 14lb bird this year. I forgot to mention the size last year but i think it was a 12lb so i'm starting an hour earlier on thursday.
Got the turkey soaking and in the fridge.

It all took about an hour and a half.

Got home from work and pulled the turkey out of the brine. Dried it off and put it in the fridge on a cookie rack and foil lined sheet. Put it back in the fridge overnight to dry off. Also pulled out some butter so it would be soft for the morning's application and tested the thermometers.

Made a trip to the grocery store to get some charcoal. shopping list for next year...
Charcoal (not the instant light)
Applewood chips/chucks
9" disposable tin
Newspaper !

Woke up at 8 to play with the kid and get things rolling. Cleaned out the smoker (looks like this may be the last year for ole char king). Looks like it is going to rain today so I set it all up on the front porch. I took out two of the bottom pegs to help the insertion of the coals. I tried dumping directly and that was a horrible smokey mess. Then I tried filling the pan and inserting the pan and burned off my knuckle hair and dumped coal every where. Hopefully this will go smoother.

I started the chimney at 8:30
Dumped coals from chimney to the pan at 9 once the flames were licking the top of the chimney. covered with a layer of new coal. Letting sit outside the smoker to get going. Also, I tried something new this year. I got a round roasting grate to use as a bottom of the coal pan to help with ash and airflow *shrug*.

Bird went in a little before 10am. Ended up with a little less than a small 9lb bag of charcoal. Put in some cherry chips and hickory chunks into a 9" round tin for the smoke. There were a couple of extra hopefully for next year. Now we wait!

Temperature isn't rising well so I started a quarter chimney and got it nice and flamey to bring up the temp. The remote meat thermometer is reading WAY too high. It is about 60degrees off from the pokey thermometer.

woops, totally forgot to refill the water tray. Its 3:00 and the bird is close to 60 and looks good. I had to do a lot of stoking. I think the coal tray needs more ventilation.