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mosleyrs Music City Bowl Recap 2009-01-04 18:16:08 Edit or Delete
  Wow that was a lot of fun. Lori and I made it back from the track out to Nash-vegas for the Vanderbilt - Boston College game and to catch up with some old friends.

Lori and I flew into Nashville Wednesday morning around 11 and caught a taxi to the hotel then to campus. Neither Lori or I had been back since graduation so it was WILD being back on campus. We walked through the engineering building Jacobs and wow what a difference. They started renovations my senior year but they really made a nice facility. Stevenson hasn't changed a bit nor did the other buildings we looked at.

We walked through Rand, bought some Vandy items then went through the Student Union. We were hoping the Oak Room was open for lunch but they were closed down. What a change to those facilities. We also walked by McGill.

We grabbed a bite at Chili's then walked to Wilson hall then back to the hotel.

We met up with everyone in the lobby for some dinner and catching up. Ronnie Sarwar, Chris Shen, Jessecae Marsh and her boyfriend Joe, Kristin Smith, Leigh Johnson (whose girlfriend was with him later in the week) were in attendance. Wow how crazy was it to see all of them. And get this, Ronnie lived in Austin for 2 years. Crazy that.

The next day was the game so we all met in the lobby for a trip out to the Pancake pantry before the game. We then walked down to LP field (where the Titans play) and found our seats. We had a great view of the field. I got some great pictures you can check out HERE.

Vanderbilt won but the game wasn't all that good. For some reason they were rotating quarterbacks like back in the Applewhite/Sims days at Texas. Everytime they put Nixon in, though, he would run it so its not like it was some surprise tactic. Oh well, they won on the last drive with a field goal. The punter got MVP of the game putting 4 of his punts within the 4 yard line one of which resulted in a Vandy TD when the ball bounced off the receiver.

Vandy won and we headed to dinner at the Stockyard. Great steak but PRICEY. Had some great dinner conversation then broke out. The rest of the gang went off to a club. Lori was feeling tired and we didn't feel like paying $40 cover charge to sit in a loud dance club not drinking or talking with them. They came home around 2am and hung out in the lobby. Wish we had been up to catch them but ended up watching the ball drop in our room then hitting the hay.

We got up and headed out the next morning with Leigh. We missed Kristin, Ronnie, and Shen which sucks but it was awesome seeing them all. Hopefully it won't be another 8 years!